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Part# 11-14457
MFR Model# 01227-0001


The TY96 aviation radio is designed to provide fast switching between 8.33 kHz and 25 kHz. Its slimline and lightweight design—at only 33mm in height—saves valuable stack space while retaining innovative and practical features. The TY96 is a certified 10 watt radio designed for general aviation and light sport applications and is ideally suited to the needs of experienced and novice pilots alike.


  • Slimline and lightweight design—only 33mm in height—saves valuable stack space
  • Bright and clear display with a simple user interface
  • Unique ‘Push Step’ knob provides faster changing from 8.33 kHz to 25 kHz
  • Provides stereo music and two place intercom
  • Monitor two frequencies at the same time with dual watch functionality
  • ‘Say Again’ feature allows playback of the last transmission
  • One-touch emergency button automatically sets 121.5 MHz along with mic volume to ensure a successful transmission
  • Configurable airfield database allows users to load up to 200 preferred frequencies via the convenient USB port
  • Highly efficient, low profile design does not require external cooling fans
  • Ideal choice for both forward and retro-fit installations—designed to easily replace legacy radios
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Q: Are the rack and the wiring harness included with the Trig TY96 slimline radio?

Yes, the rack and wiring harness are included with part # 11-14457.

Q: Does the box for the Trig TY96 Slimline VHF Radio contain the EASA or 8130 form?

Yes, there is an EASA form included in the box. 8130 not available for this product.

Q: My TY96 come with 1.6 version, how update to 1.8?

The unit will have to be sent into an authorized Trig repair station. In the United States, this is Mid Continent.

Q: Is the Trig TY96 FAA TSO approved?

Yes, this radio is FAA TSO approved.

Q: Will the Trig TY96 work at 12 volts?

This unit will function with the supply voltage range of 11-33V.

Q: Do the rack and wiring harness allow interchangeablility with the unreleased TX56 and 57?

No, they will have their own respective tray and wiring requirements.

Q: Can the Trig TY96 be a direct replacement for king ky97a?

Per the manual it is not a direct replacement for KY97A

Q: Can I buy the wiring harness separately and does it come with jacks?

Yes the wiring harness can be purchased separately. See P/N 11-17032 for a standard 4 FT harness with jacks. See P/N 11-17033 for a custom harness with jacks.