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Val Avionics Nav 2000 VHF Receiver

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Part# 11-10569
MFR Model# 800120-5


The Val Avionics NAV 2000 is the thinnest panel mounted Nav radio available and is the perfect compliment to the Com 2000. Created from the same durable design, the Nav 2000 is made to play with most Nav indicators, past and present. With features and capabilities on par with more expensive radios, the Nav 2000 brings a simple, good looking design that is complementary to the Com 2000 as well as other brands.


  • Large, easy-to-read 3/8" character display
  • 15 memory locations with user-defined alphanumeric channel identifiers
  • Milled billet aluminum construction
  • Compatible with most Nav Indicators
  • Compact Design: Thin 1" net height and shallow 9" depth
  • Dual concentric knob controls
  • Photocell dimming
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Built-in Glide Slope Receiver
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good basic, compact nav receiver -- the SL40 of nav receivers

March 18, 2018

Very muddled audio. Indistinct and brassy. Frequency illumination ver low hard to see. Sent unit back for factory checkup but came back no change. Illumination much worse than predecessor.

Bruce C
October 23, 2020


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Q: Will Val Nav 2000 interface with the GRT Sport SX like the Garmin SL 30 that is tune-able by the Sport SX and supplies data for a HSI solution on the SX.

Yes the NAV 2000 will interface just like the Garmin SL 30 giving Nav date to the EFIS.

Q: Is the VAL Nav recover TSO and FAA EASA certified and can be used in certified aircrafts?

Per the manufacturer, The Val Avionics Nav 2000 VHF Receiver meets specifications but is not FAA TSO'd or EASA certified.

Q: Will the Val Avionics Nav 2000 VHF Receiver work with my Dynon Skyview?

Per Dynon, The Val Avionics Nav 2000 VHF Receiver is a compatible Nav Receiver for the Dynon Skyview.

Q: Is the NAV 2000 certified for IFR flight?

The NAV 2000 can be used for IFR flight in experimental aircraft only.

Q: Can the Val NAV 2000 be installed in a certified aircraft? Val&#-781; website shows that this NAV 2000 meets or exceeds TSO standards. What does it mean?

The Val 2000 cannot be installed in certificated aircraft. It meets the TSO specifications, but it is not TSO approved.

Q: Which localizer frequencies does this VAL Avionics NAV 2000 use?

Yes, this unit uses VOR/LOC frequencies, 108.00 to 117.95 MHz

Q: Will this unit provide DME? I will connect NAV 2000 the to a Dynon Skyview display.

This will interface with the Skyview system providing VOR/LOC/GS signals.

Q: Will the RAMI AV-532L VOR ANTENNA WITH CABLE work with this unit?

The Nav-2000 (11-10569) will work with the RAMI AV-532L. Any standard VOR/LOC/Glide Slope can be used.

Q: Does the antenna wire connect to the back of the unit using a BNC or TNC connector? Male or Female?

The antenna wire connects to the back of the unit using a BNC female connector

Q: Will the Val NAV 2000 receiver work with the Bendixking 209 CDI?

Per the manufacturer, yes, it will work with the KI 209.